Berislav Čižmek – ETT Journey Ambassador at #ETTClub

Berislav Čižmek – ETT Journey Ambassador at #ETTClub

Berislav Čižmek, CEO of CBBS, management consulting and EU lobbying company, was very active in the #ETTClub activities for the recovery of the global event industry and was declared as one of the ambassadors for the ETT Journey for the reopening of the global exhibition industry. At the same time he was one of the founders of Event Thinkers Group that has been established by the event professionals coming from the countries all over the world.

The main goal of the Event Thinkers Group was to put together long term experience and expertise of its members to work together for the recovery, success and benefits of the global event industry. The key topics of the interest for Event Thinkers Group are: Recovery of the Event Industry/Value Proposition/Digitalization & Hybridization/Young Talents & Education/Marketing & Sales/Sustainability/Services for the Event Industry.

One of the first projects of Event Thinkers Group was to organize digital panel session  that took place on May 13, 2021 on the topic: “Event Services for the Recovery and Reopening of the Event Industry”. The panel session was organized jointly by ETT Club, Event Thinkers Group and UFI Industry Partners Working Group and gathered online more than 100 participants from all over the world.


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