Dealmaking & Business Building Solutions

Dealmaking & Business Building Solutions

Have you been recently in the situation that you need solutions for new growth and….

You need investor or strategic partner for further development to help you bringing your family business to higher, international level?

You have the idea and project for EU funding but you don’t know which funds to use, how to prepare the project and find the partners?

You have start up company and brilliant idea for potential investors but you don’t know where to find them and how to get funding?

You believe you have a great product or service and would like to enter the new market, but you don’t have enough time and know-how to enter new markets?

We can help development and growth of your company with our innovative business building solutions, excellent international network and professional services:

  • Dealmaking with strategic partners/investors, helping our clients do better deals and create value through mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and start up projects
  • Creating market & feasibility studies, market research & marketing strategy for entering international markets and new projects development
  • Creation and co ordination of EU funding projects, lobbying at national and European level
  • Concepts, strategy & project development of international trade fairs (B2B, B2C), events, conferences, matchmaking
  • Establishing business contacts with entrepreneurs & business community, governmental bodies and institutions, associations in Croatia and abroad, especially in Central/Eastern Europe

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The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry

Cross Border Associates
Society of European Affairs Proffesionals
Hrvatsko društvo lobista
Hrvatska udruga poslodavaca

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