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CBBS, as consulting – EU lobbying company and a member of the CBA Global Network (Cross Border Associates), a network of more than 250 certified experts/business consultants for cross-border transactions, is supporting business owners of small and medium size companies in strategic partnership projects, business transfer and selling/buying businesses.


CBBS supported Čakovec and Mali Lošinj to be awarded by ACES Europe, Brussels

At big ceremony in the European Parliament (Brussels) more than 30 European cities received on December 10, 2019 the awards of European association ACES Europe (European Capitals and Cities of Sport Federation) from Brussels as European Towns/Islands/Cities/Communites/Capital of 2020.


Lobbying accreditation for Berislav Čižmek, CEO of CBBS, renewed until November 20,2020 by European Parliament

Berislav Čižmek, CEO of CBBS, management consulting and EU lobbying company from Zagreb, has received the confirmation from the Accreditation Unit of the European Parliament that his lobbying accreditation has been renewed for the period of one year, i.e. until November 20, 2020.


CBBS successfully lobbied for Croatian City of Čakovec to be awarded “European City of Sport 2020“

CBBS successfully lobbied for the City of Čakovec to be awarded with the title “European City of Sport 2020“, as the second Croatian city in the category of the cities with more than 25 000 inhabitants, in the competition organized by European association ACES Europe (European Capitals and Cities of Sport Federation) from Brussels. 


„China meets Croatia & Slovenia” – Canton Fair and CBBS prepared promotion in Croatia and Slovenia

CBBS, consulting/EU lobbying company from Zagreb, in the cooperation with China Foreign Trade Centre (CFTC) and Canton Fair from the City of Guangzhou, one of the leading Chinese trade fair companies, with the participation of 25 000 enterprises from all over the world, jointly organized in Mimara Museum in Zagreb on March 7, 2019 business breakfast & promotional seminar: “Canton Fair – Your Gateway to Chinese Market”, followed by matchmaking programme,


EPSI & CBBS started co operation in South Eastern & Central Europe

EPSI (European Platform for Sport Innovation, Brussels) and CBBS, consulting/EU lobbying company started co operation with the aim to promote innovation and EU programmes/EU funding in the areas related to sports/health/physical activity in South Eastern/Central Europe.


CBBS successfully lobbied for Croatian and North Macedonian cities to be awarded as „European Island/Town/City of Sport 2019“

CBBS successfully lobbied for Croatian cities Prelog, Rab and Sisak and North Macedonian Municipality of Kumanovo to be awarded by ACES Europe (European Capitals and Cities of Sport Region from Brussels) at European Parliament, December 4, 2018 in Brussels.



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