CBBS took part at EU Business Talks organized by GZS (Slovenia)

CBBS took part at EU Business Talks organized by GZS (Slovenia)

Berislav Čižmek, CEO of CBBS, management consulting and EU lobbying company from Zagreb, was a guest of honour at EU Business Talks organized on July 13, 2021 by GZS (Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and was representing Croatian business community to the participants coming to the web EU Business Talks conference. Since Slovenia is holding the Presidency of the Council of the European Union in the second half of 2021 EU Business Talks were developed by GZS as the contribution by its part, talking to businessmen and businesswomen from all 27 EU Member States, one panel per week.

It was great opportunity to present our company CBBS, management consulting, brokerage and EU lobbying company, based in Zagreb. CBBS is member of CBA Global Network (Cross Border Associates), a network of certified experts/business consultants for cross-border transactions and is specialized in business transfer/M&A, internationalization of the business and lobbying at the national and EU level. We are working closely with Croatian and Central/SE European companies in the business development and strategic partnerships with the different EU & international players that are focused on Central and SE European Region.

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