CBBS successfully lobbied for Croatian/Hungarian/Slovenian cities to be awarded by ACES Europe (Brussels)

CBBS successfully lobbied for Croatian/Hungarian/Slovenian cities to be awarded by ACES Europe (Brussels)

At big ceremony in the European Parliament (Brussels) more than 35 European cities received on December 6, 2017 the awards of European association ACES Europe (European Capitals and Cities of Sport Federation) from Brussels as European Towns/Cities/Communites/Capital 2018.

CBBS, management consulting and EU lobbying company from Zagreb successfully lobbied and supported the City of Umag (Croatia) to be awarded with the title “European Town of Sport 2018“ and for the Hungarian/Croatian partners to be awarded as Slavonia & Baranya “European Community of Sport 2018” (Croatian cities/municipalities: Belišće, Valpovo, Bizovac and Petrijevci and Hungarian cities: Siklos and Harkany), in the competition organized by ACES Europe.CBBS has also developed successful cooperation with the City of Maribor from Slovenia, that received the award  “European City of Sport 2018” (category of the cities up to 500,000 inhabitants).

The European Capitals, Cities, Comunities and Towns of Sport, including Sofia (Bulgaria) as European Capital of Sport 2018, will be the reference for sport, physical activity and sport policies in Europe during the next 12 months.

ACES Europe and CBBS are working closely in order to bring the new candidates from Croatia/SE Europe interested to become European Capital/Cities/Towns of Sport and members of ACES Europe.

Photo gallery from the Award Ceremony at European Parliament, December 6, 2017:


ACES Europe Ceremony Award at European Parliament, Brussels, December 6, 2017



The City of Umag receiving the award: “European Town of Sport 2018”


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