Berislav Čižmek, CEO of CBBS at Exhibition Think Tank Final Session

Berislav Čižmek, CEO of CBBS at Exhibition Think Tank Final Session

Berislav Čižmek, CEO of the consulting – EU lobbying company CBBS from Zagreb, is a long-time member of UFI (The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry) and one of the founders of the Exhibition Think Tank Club, a global initiative that has been launched in June 2020 due to the problems caused by the pandemic and with the aim of encouraging innovations in the global event industry, participated in the last web conference of the Exhibition Think Tank Club, which took place on January 31, 2024. years

It was challenging and interesting to participate in the work of this digital platform of the fair industry, which eventually gathered over 1,300 members from 72 countries, who came from the ranks of exhibition and event organizers, event venues, partners of the event industry, consultants, lobbyists, suppliers, associations, students and other representatives of the event industry.

„Participating in the work of the ETT Club was one of the most interesting projects I worked on in my career, and I was especially delighted by the possibility of the cooperation with the best experts of the “event industry” from all over the world. It was also extremely interesting to start a special group within the ETT Club – the Event Thinkers Group, with whom I collaborated intensively on special topics. It was an amazing journey and the experience I will never forget,” said Berislav Čižmek, CEO of CBBS.

Exhibition Think Tank Final Session took place online on January 31, 2024.

The ETT Club has adopted various innovative online formats such as panel discussions, workshops, educational sessions, monthly innovation talks, innovation “sprints” and thematic Think Tanks.

Since  the world “events industry” has fully returned to “F2F (live)” events, the decision to end the active operation of the Exhibition Think Tank Club seems logical and justified, especially since the majority of members had less time and interest to take part in digital/web events.


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