CBBS is supporting business transfer and selling/buying SME businesses

CBBS is supporting business transfer and selling/buying SME businesses

CBBS, as consulting – EU lobbying company, member of the CBA Global Network (Cross Border Associates), a network of certified experts/business consultants for cross-border transactions, is supporting business owners of small and medium size companies in strategic partnership projects, business transfer and selling/buying businesses.

Business Transfer Barometer Croatia, conducted by CEPOR in 2015, has shown that over 30% of the owners/founders of Croatian businesses have more than 55 years and that 70% of them are considering business transfer and/or selling the business in the period of 1 – 5 or more years.

The CBA network is currently present with 200 Associates in more than 80 countries worldwide and is one of the strongest networks of global business and tax consultants, experts and entrepreneurs focused on cross-border transactions and projects.Cross Border Associates (CBA) is one of the world’s largest international alliance of business advisers, legal and tax experts, professional consultants and entrepreneurs focused exclusively on cross-border business transactions.

CBA partners are assisting at international business transactions since they have a wealth of experience in the field of international business dealings. CBA network is engaged in different cross border transactions when selling/buying businesses, at capital raising, technology transfer,  starting JV (joint venture) projects, M&A (mergers and acquisitions) and other cross border deals and projects.


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