CBBS joined #ExhibitionThinkTankClub

CBBS joined #ExhibitionThinkTankClub

Berislav Čižmek, CEO of CBBS and long standing member of UFI (The Global Association of the Exhibitions Industry) became one of Founding Members of #ExhibitionsThinkTankClub established with the aim to innovate global exhibition industry.

The Exhibition Think Tank Club has been established in spring 2020 as a worldwide e-platform for the Exhibition Industry professionals to network, debate & continue helping the global event industry to recover from the problems caused with the lockout and COVID 19 pandemic.

During the spring lockout time CBBS also took part in the work of #ExhibitionThinkTank project initiated by MBB Consulting Group together with more than 100 top event professionals from all over the world with the aim to innovate and rethink the future of the event industry. All participants were split into different groups with the members from all over Europe/world.

It was great experience and nice time working together with the aim to innovate event industry with Wabi Sabi Group and its members: Holger Feist, team leader, and other Wabi Sabi peers: Carolin Hochwind, Karla Juegel, Pawel Terlikowski, Ben Murphy, Dan Ake and Bjoern Mathes.

The results of the work of the groups involved in #ExhibitionThinkTank project has shown that events and exhibitions are important for the recovery of the global economy, especially for SMEs in the crisis times like COVID 19 pandemic.


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