New Initiative for SMEs in Europe

New Initiative for SMEs in Europe

CBBS – Management Consulting & Business Building Company has formed a new initiative with Central and Southeast European associations CEFA and CENTREX in an attempt to bring European Small and Medium Enterprises into the fold.
The Memorandum of understanding between CEFA (Central European Fair Alliance),  International Exhibition Statistics Union – CENTREX and CBBS – Management Consulting & Business Building Company is hoped to increase regional backing from the SME’s that typically comprise trade fair exhibitors.

“The majority of exhibitors, visitors and partners participating in our events are SMEs and SME associations,” said CBBS CEO, Berislav Čižmek. “We are also proposing to the DG Enterprise and Industry that the trade fair industry in Europe would be considered as an important platform and support for the future growth, development and internationalization of European SMEs, in the markets of Europe and worldwide.”

The companies recently took part in a public consultation with the Directorate-General of Enterprise and Industry at the European Commission in Brussels, titled Small Business, Big World; a new partnership to support greater, faster and more efficient internationalization of European SMEs.

CEFA and CENTREX members organize more than 1,000 trade and consumer events, representing the trade fair industry in 16 countries and its combined audience of 200 million inhabitants.

EU members include Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and incoming EU member Croatia. EU candidate countries include FYR Macedonia and Montenegro, potential EU candidates Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, and non-EU countries Moldavia and Ukraine.

Information and presentations:

Press release about SME Memorandum and joint initiative of CBBS, CEFA and CENTREX, July 12, 2011 – (PDF)

Press release of the co operation between CBBS, CENTREX and IEE on promotion of European Trade Fair Industry, November 4, 2011 – (PDF)

Presentation of Berislav Čižmek, CBBS, SMEs and Trade Fair Industry (UFI European Day, Brussels, March 12, 2009) – PDF


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