CBBS supported and lobbied for candidatures of Croatian cities and municipalities

CBBS supported and lobbied for candidatures of Croatian cities and municipalities

CBBS successfully supported and lobbied for the City of Zadar to be awarded with the title “European City of Sport 2021“, in the category of the cities with more than 25 000 inhabitants, in the competition organized by European association ACES Europe (European Capitals and Cities of Sport Federation) from Brussels.

CBBS also supported cities (Pregrada and Zabok) and municipalities (Bedekovčina, Krapinske Toplice and Sveti Križ Začretje) from Krapina Zagorje County gathered in the joint initiative TZP Heart of Zagorje to be awarded as: „European Community of Sport 2021“.

Due to COVID situation and mobility difficulties, ACES Europe organized the virtual visits and evaluation of the candidatures of Croatian cities and municipalities.

Croatian cities and municipalites will receive awards at ACES Europe Gala Ceremony taking place at the end of 2020 at European Parliament in Brussels together with other 30 awarded cities from countries across Europe.

ACES Europe Evaluation Committee Digital Evaluation of the Candidature of the City of Zadar for the award: „European City of Sport 2021“ (June 10, 2020)
Press conference of the cities and municipalities of TZP „Heart of Zagorje“ after being declared: European Community of Sport 2021 (Zabok, July 29, 2020)


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